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From: Greg Thorne
To: Maria Moondance
Cc: Chuck Shepard
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 7:33 AM
Subject: Cougar Hot Springs

Hi Maria,
I had told you I could organize a work party to do rock work on pool 3 and 4. You told me you only wanted them to do clean up. Because of the cement, I have found no one is willing to volunteer under those conditions. All the good rock workers and other volunteers who care about the Springs tell me they want it natural. No cement! They are also very disheartened that the lovely old-growth tree was removed and a cemented rock wall and railing were put in its place.
I know what's already been destroyed cannot be replaced, but I just wanted you to know why no one is coming forward to volunteer anymore. They've mostly given up on Cougar. A unique and cherished natural treasure lost -- probably forever. I used to tell people that Cougar was the greatest place on Earth. Sadly, it is no more.
I'm confident tho that I could get a volunteer crew together that would be willing to do all the work of rebuilding both pool 3 and 4 naturally if we have assurances that the cement work is ended, and either it is removed, or we get permission to remove it.

Kind regards,
Founder, Friends of Cougar




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