Once, I think,

      I thought I knew,

            What life was all about,

Confident, assured I grew,

      Beyond shadow, beyond doubt.


By history's endeavor,

      I sought life be solved,

But Life Shouted, "Never,

      I am too involved.


"Never will you place in order,

      The hows, the whys, the wheres,

Life is a happening,

            without a border,

Not a game of musical chairs.


"Though life has method,

            ill defined,

And there may be a clue,

      Don't pay it a moment's mind,

Or woe be unto you.


"For the minute that

            you think you know,

    You'll destroy all life's merit,


"Then misery and boredom

            will grow and grow,

Till you can hardly bear it."



'Twas then I set

            aside my reason,

      In favor of the moment,

And began to live

            in every season

Without need of atonement.


And now, I think,

      I think a thought,

Oh wow, to my surprise,

      It becomes the thing it ought,

Right before my eyes.



So, planners and knowers,

            if you please,

      Hang on to your intention,

But just to set

            your mind at ease

      Flow with your invention.


                        Paul J. Lehman / Lumin  1983 Paul's website