Together Again


The sand and sea

          combined in me,

And set me on a throne,

Where breeze and sky

          and clouds swam by,

And I was never alone.


Oh, paint in me forever,

Thy wonder at my heart,

That I may be thee always,

And never stray apart.


From God's great cosmic mixture,

Of sun and earth and sky,

E'er enter in the picture,

The sea, the breeze and 1.


Don't let me take for granted,

The God that I have seen,

Loved and lost

          at great, great cost,

When my soul became unclean.


'Twas then

          that I sought refuge in,

The works of men and might,

Pretended I was superior,

And pretended I was right.


With eyes quite blind to beauty,

And moments that give life,

I set my goal at fortune's shoal,

I sailed my mind t'ward strife.


Then did I a piece pull in,

And break God all asunder,

Anointing my lie in wordy sin,

I began to pull me under.


At that moment the heavens broke,

With envy and with fear,

Shouting loud from angry cloud,

For all the world to hear.


I felt the racket inside my head,

And knew it to be other,

As though a part of me were dead,

As though l'd twinned a brother.


And one of us had gone astray,

While one of us remained,

The tortured rending drove me gray,

The while my soul it stained.


So, as I play at beach and sea,

And grasp my hands in sky,

I've found my brother

          and he's found me,

Sand, wind and flesh am I.


With never a part

          that is separate or low,

And never a part that is high,

With never a part that is apart,

And that's when God is nigh.


          Paul J. Lehman  1982 Paul's website