On Mental Flexibility


The human mind, when set free,

Becomes a wandering rhapsody,

Now, crossing limits, unsure of bounds,

    from mountain

        to mountainside resounds.

Then down the hill and through the glen

It gathers strength, repeats again,


But this time with variation,

    From subtlety to alternation,

Then with a shout of jubilation

    It leaps beyond imagination.


´Tis this that I would offer thee,

    This self- propelled insanity,

That leaves permission of majority,

    As it rises in unique authority.

That knows not  the fears

        of other men, or women

That through a sort of death

    becomes complete

        and is born again

Still, you should know

    where your choice lies,

To seek new growth or stabilize,

To root to ground or seek to run

    toward the music of the sun,

To be firm and fixed, a place maintain,

And against change´s hail to ever strain,

Or to vary, moment, date and season,

Without approval, without reason.


And who is right and who is wrong?

For each of us must sing our song.


Be it taught, in pain recited,

    Or perhaps still growing, undecided.

And though it may seem

    That we´re at war,

It is illusion, and nothing more.

As we unite, the bass, the lyre,

In harmony`s celestial choir.



                                    Paul J. Lehman / Lumin  © 1983 Paul's website