Friends of Cougar

Proposed Plan

Cougar Hot Springs: Paradise Preserved


By Greg Thorne Friday 4/13/05 9:30am:

Fees stay the same at $3. Friends of Cougar (FOC) responsible for the pools area (rock work, maintenance and security at the Springs), keeping the pools area clean, and taking out all trash. FOC also will remove trash from trailhead cans. FOC will maintain the composting toilets, keeping them supplied with paper, clean, etc. FOC responsible for pool cleaning after Maria's contract ends in Sep.

Forest Service (FS) responsible for any pumping of the vault toilets.  FS will pay for any dumpster service.

FOC to keep the vault toilets stocked with toilet paper and cleaned. FOC handles trail maintenance.

An FOC attendant will watch the parking lot. At least 8 hours weekdays, 12 hours weekends in summer and collect $3 fees using the existing system of envelopes and iron ranger. Hours may be slightly reduced in non-summer months. FOC attendant will make change and answer questions. 1/3 of gross will go to FS.



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