Cougar Hot Springs

Rules (established by Hoodoo)

1. No tobacco use in pools.
2. No alcohol or glass containers in or near pools.
3. No littering.
4. Dogs must be kept on a leash and no closer to pools than the pet area.
5. Clothing is optional, but must be worn within 50 feet of road.
6. No overnight camping allowed (designated campgrounds are nearby).
7. Annual passholders must fill out envelope and show ID and pass to attendant. (Annual pass costs $50) Passes are nontransferable.
8. Other users must pay in envelopes and keep attendant provided receipts with them for that date. (Daily pass costs $5)
9. Holders of Golden Age/Access cards pay price. Cards are nontransferable.
10. Nonpayment will mean a $50 citation.
11. No pictures allowed without person's permission.
12. The hot springs area is closed from sunset to sunrise.
13. Everyone can help by reporting problems to Hoodoo attendant.
4. No sexual activity
15. No loud parties (this is meant to be a meditative area)
16. Be sensitive to the needs of others.
17. Clothing is optional.


If we can reduce the violations of these rules, then we'll have fewer visits from Forest Service law enforcement (and fewer tickets written). With costs of enforcement, lower, the fees for the permits will not have to be increased, and we will all benefit.

Thank you.


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