Saturday 3/19/05:  Lionel is still there watching the parking lot from his car all day, nearly daily. There have been no break-ins since he started watching the parking lot in October.

Thursday 1/6/05:  There haven't been any break-ins since Lionel has been watching the parking lot from his car parked there. Incredibly kind, he is there every day protecting visitors' cars. Any donation to him is greatly appreciated. Please donate something toward his $4 daily gasoline cost for the roundtrip to the Cougar parking lot. His car is the obvious one parked perpendicular to the other cars and parallel to FS19 road. He has probably prevented dozens of $150 window replacements in the 3-months he's been guarding the parking lot.

Wednesday 11/10/04:  The guy watching the parking lot has recorded the license plate of the break-in suspects. They were there last week and brazenly tried to intimidate him without success. No break-ins have occurred in the 3 weeks since the watch started and it is very unlikely any will. He is there every day.

Wednesday 10/27/04:  A guy is watching the parking lot from his car, parked parallel to the road. He was there all afternoon yesterday. You might give him a thank you and/or donation as you pass by. He's preventing break-ins. You can soak carefree when he's there.

Thursday 9/16/04: Apparently there was a break-in Tuesday 9/14/04.

Friday 9/10/04: The car break-ins continue. 5 cars were hit in the parking lot yesterday, and some number were hit Wednesday. They even broke both the driver's window and passenger window on at least one car. Trunks were also targeted. They are taking wallets and purses. They are after credit/debit cards. Cell phones are not being taken. I strongly recommend you take all your valuables with you the Springs. You may want to avoid the cost of window repair by rolling down your driver's window. They are striking in broad daylight, when they believe no one else is in the parking lot. Yesterday they struck between 2 and 3pm. Weekdays are probably more likely than weekends for their break-ins, although I know of one occasion when they broke into several cars on a Saturday between 6 and 7:30pm.