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From Craig M. to Chuck Shepard, owner, Hoodoo, 5/17/05:

I've occasionally traded nice comments with you when you would be parking the lot at the ski area, at the ski swap and about 20 years ago when I started appraising residential property your name would appear as buyer for a whole lot of run down and neglected and upside down and foreclosed duplexes in Danebo. I expect you still have most of those units under the "umbrella".
Very interesting early years you spent in Lane County, I must have seen you at the hot springs
at least once or twice. Since we both had long hair then and are bald now, hard to tell!
But  I moved to the John Day Country in 1970 and returned in 1976
after having haunted many of the hot springs, improved and unimproved,  over there.
One of my favorites was a moderately warm tub made with a couple sticks of dynamite and with a ditch of water diverted from the creek to temper the 120 degree hot water. It was on a private ranch and with permission from the old ranchers one could watch the Milky Way while the horses snoozed 15 feet away on the other side of the fence.
Places like Terwilliger do not manage themselves.  People tend to forget that. There was such a ruckus back when the $3.00 a day fee started in and when it became a day use area only.  People tend to forget what it was ike before then. But it is better now that the lawless do not terrorize the law-abiding and the drunks and speed freaks don't show up to see what trouble can be caused.  One can have a nice soak in peace and quiet, most days.
Campground litter doesn't pick itself up, access roads and hiking trails don't clear themselves of windfall and rock fall.  Sometimes the snotty folks have to be reminded of that.  Wonder if the nasty ones have what it takes to be a campground host.  Doubt it, too short tempered. They would find themselves facing someone just as nasty as themselves soon enough.  Would be a sobering if not a hospitalizing experience.
I want to thank you for supporting high school sports and many other activities such as plays, concerts, yearbooks at all the local schools and for the other  support you and your family gives to non-profits such as Birth to Three, Relief Nursery, etc.
It makes a difference and it is noticed.
Here's to a much better ski season to come.
Craig M.



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