Friends of Cougar

Election Ballot



Question: Which of the following do you favor:

Unnatural elements in the pools area (e.g. concrete cement in the pool walls)

Gravel on the trail (painful to bare feet)

Hoodoo managing Cougar

Raising the daily fee from $3 to $5

The "Free Fridays" proposal

Having a $3 fee

Lowering the $3 fee

Having no fee (free use everyday, donations accepted)

Student discount (under age 25)

Kids under 16 free (Starting May 13, Hoodoo says only kids under 6 years are free)

Allowing night-use

Banning nudity


Please vote for one of these candidates for the Friends of Cougar Board of Directors (highest vote tally also determines President):

John Gabrielson

Gary Houser ("Spruce")

Maria Jensen

Paul Lehman

Mark Mason

Greg Thorne

Sara Williams

Write in:


You may send any questions to


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