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By Greg Thorne - Wednesday 4/6/05 9:10am

This morning I sent via email these questions for the Forest Service employees Mary Allison (District Ranger) and Sandy Ratliff (Staff/Recreation) at McKenzie River Ranger District:

The Friends of Cougar have grave concerns about having Hoodoo manage the Hot

You can read about some of our concerns at

We have some questions for you:

o When did you start talking with Hoodoo about managing the hot springs?

o What do you say to people that said when the fees in 1998 were announced
that the Forest Service would spend as much money collecting the fees as
they would take in?

o How much money is now being received at FS from the Hot Springs?

o What are the costs?

o How high do you think the fee compliance rate is currently?

o If the McKenzie River District isn't getting their full portion of the $3
fee due to the NW Forest Pass, why not switch to a Cougar-specific pass as
you had announced earlier you would be doing?

o What happened to plans for a Cougar-specific pass?

o When was the decision made?

o Why wasn't Friends of Cougar informed?

o Did you ask Maria Jensen not to inform the Friends of Cougar about your

o Did you actually tell Maria Jensen 5 weeks ago that you had chosen Hoodoo
or simply that you were exploring options?

o Did you consider having Friends of Cougar manage the Springs?

o If not, why not?

o Knowing what you know now, do you see why it would be better to have
chosen Friends of Cougar?

o Starting on what date is Hoodoo authorized to start collecting fees?

o Why is the fee increasing to $5?

o What part of the $5 hot springs fee does the FS retain?

o Will Annual Northwest Forest passes be honored for the balance of their

o Will children under 16 be admitted free in 2005 as the FS previously

o Are you aware there may be stipulations in the deed that Terwilliger made
in giving the Hot Springs to the Forest Service that prevent development?

o Do you have any information that confirms or denies the existence of a
deed or other perpetuating instrument for Terwilliger?

Thank you!

Founder, Friends of Cougar,



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