Comments individuals wrote on their recent surveys (one item per person):


bulletNudity should be kept legal. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
bulletI believe people should be able to use the Springs just as they would like to.
bulletPeople should be able to make their own choice for the individual whether they want to wear clothes.
bulletI love these springs; they are my favorite! I love the freedom of this area. Thank you for the work you put in to this place to make it exactly the way it is today.
bulletThis is the most beautiful spot to be and I always return, ready to relax nude. Very lovely.
bulletCougar Hot Springs is a gorgeous area... great for relaxing and soaking one's bones in its mellow H2O. Nice to know it's located in this "land of the free" where one is able to make a healthy decision: to be clothed or not to be.
bulletI would be very sad & disappointed if the springs were made non-nude. It's natural in a natural setting. I have never encountered any negative situations here regarding nudity. All people seem to be very comfortable. Please keep it this way. Thanks.
bulletI think this is the prettiest place I've ever been and everyone is so nice.
bulletNudity has been one of the beauties that invites us to indulge in these spings. There is privacy in this as well as freedom. I have never experienced an uncomfortable visit there nor sensed others feeling this way even when clothed themselves.
bulletPlease do not ban nudity. Clothing optional is a Hot Springs tradition.
bulletI really feel that it would be a shame to limit a person's comfort to pelase those who feel uncomfortable with our natural bodies. Maybe if this country didn't put so much emphasis on making people feel ashamed and self-conscious of their bodies we wouldn't be having this debate.
bulletKeep it the way it is!


Comments from others:

"Because God created it, the human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty." (Pope John Paul II)