Take One!

Friends of Cougar. Election - from 10/7/01 to 11/7/01.

2002 Ballot. Vote now.

Cougar Council: please vote for one of the twelve people you want to have on the Cougar Council for the calendar year 2002. You can vote for your self:

name: ____________________ phone or email: __________________

Ballot measures:

Highlight the things you want:

Stop putting gravel on the trail, Keep adding gravel to the trail, Remove the gravel as possible, Repeal leash rule, Repeal sunset closure (allow cougar to be open at night), Repeal FS reg that bans visible nudity from FS 19, Allow alcohol (repeal ban), Ban the FS, Ban nudity at Cougar, Require nudity at cougar, Ban smoking cigs at Cougar, Ban butts on the trail, Ban butts at the springs when they are littered, Repeal all laws at the springs, Ban all people at the springs, Blow up the springs, Close the springs, Ban men at the springs, Require women at the springs, Require nudity at the springs at all times, Repeal the night closure, Ban the dog area, Allow dogs use of the pools, Ban people from the springs, Ban the Forest Service (FS) from everywhere in America, Put FS in charge of America, Have the Justice Department take President Bush into custody to soak weekly in the springs until he stops murdering people, Require everyone at Cougar to smoke heavily, Put only bear-belly midage men in all pools, Allow only UO college students to use the springs, Allow no college students to use the springs, Allow dogs to rule Cougar, Allow cats to rule Cougar, Allow cougars to rule Cougar, Ban removing rocks from the dams at Cougar by stupid low water level lovers/idiots, Allow smoking pot, Ban smoking cigarettes in the pools, Close the Cougar.org web site, Put naked pictures on the Cougar web site, Put no pictures on the Cougar web site, Put no directions on the Cougar web site, Put good directions to get here on Cougar.org, Ban elections at Cougar, Stop cleaning the pools, Add more pools, Add cement, Ban cement, Ban gawkers, Cuddle chipmunks (when they ask).

Friends of Cougar: www.Cougar.org Mail: Friends of Cougar, POB 350, Cougar HS, OR  97407.